Dat Hogehus

The registration and welcome reception on Wednesday will take place in “Dat Hogehus“.

With the first walls from the early 13th century, the Hoghehus on Koberg in Lübeck is one of the first Profane buildings of Lübeck. Its proximity to the old castle, proof of an old court arbor and last but not least the unique church architecture of this impressive semi-detached house stand for the outstanding position of the building, but also of the inhabitants who lived in these walls over the centuries.


From town bailiffs to wine merchants, from the mayor to the timber merchant – this house stands for the history of our Hanseatic city and carries its art treasures from all eras.

After the renovation in the 80s, wall and ceiling paintings from all eras are still visible today. Hidden doors and flaps reveal many secrets and you can breathe the long history of this house.

Today, the building serves as an office and residential building and houses the most beautiful Banquet Facilities in the Hanseatic city.