The symposium is organized and hosted by the students of the DFG-funded International Research Training Group (IRTG) 1911.

Many of the pattern recognition receptors (PRR) that sense microbial structures can also be activated by allergens. While the development of inflammatory responses downstream of PRR activation is important to fight and eliminate pathogens, it can be detrimental in allergic conditions. Therefore, unraveling the immunoregulatory pathways at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity that drive, perpetuate and resolve chronic infectious and allergic diseases has become a major goal of immunological research during the past decade. Greater mechanistic understanding of these pathways holds the promise of novel prophylactic and/or therapeutic targets. The 2nd International Symposium “Allergy Meets Infection” aims at offering an excellent platform for a scientific dialogue between the two fields of allergy and infection in a historical and relaxing environment.